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Halcyon Crest, LLC is a boutique private practice specializing in talent and leadership development assessment and coaching services. With an individualized needs-values-and strength-based approach, services aim to help all levels of leadership and high potential workforce talent enhance leadership development, confidence, and well-being in current roles or during transitions to new leadership positions.



Halcyon Crest, LLC helps professionals thrive in their personal and leadership development and aims to stimulate ambition, fulfillment, and serenity through the intentional and mindful alignment of actions with core values, strengths, passions, and aspirations towards creating a better future.


hal·cy·on |ˈhalsēən | adjective | “calm, peaceful [...] a period characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity” — Merriam-Webster


Dr. Lauren Frye is a licensed psychologist and leadership development coach with 20 years of expertise in human behavior and behavior change. She earned a PhD in clinical psychology and is a board-certified coach with Center for Credentialing Education (CCE) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training. She is also certified to facilitate feedback for the Center for Creative Leadership 360 Assessments and Hogan Assessments. Dr. Frye has inspired growth, resilience, and improved work-life integration across all levels of leadership in various industries. Her leadership development coaching approach is strengths-based, tailored to individual needs, and guided by evidence-based assessments, learning and development perspectives, and psychological science.

Lauren Frye, PhD

Founder | CEO Halcyon Crest, LLC

Licensed Psychologist

Board-Certified Coach | Talent & Leadership Development Consultant


Licensed Psychologist (PY9718)

Board Certified Coach (BCC4540)

Board Certified Telehealth Professional

Certified Hogan Assessments Feedback Facilitator


Certified Center for Creative Leadership 360 Assessment Feedback Facilitator


American Psychological Association

Society of Consulting Psychology

Institute of Coaching at Mclean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate

Center for Creative Leadership

Association for Talent Development


Post-Doctoral Fellowship – University of Florida Health Jacksonville

PhD Clinical Psychology – Western Michigan University

Pre-Doctoral Internship – Tampa VA Hospital | Tampa General Hospital


crest |ˈkrest | noun | “peak: a high point of an action or process […]” — Merriam-Webster


Halcyon Crest, LLC highly values the health, safety, and well-being of the global community. Contributing to the worldwide effort towards public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, appointments are delivered virtually using a secure HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Additionally, the following core values also direct efforts in providing exceptional personalized service:


Each personal and professional growth experience is guided by evidence-based strategies and uniquely tailored to core values, goals, strengths, and vision.


With intentional focus, active-listening, and non-judgmental stance, mindfulness principles facilitate a harmonious approach to living, working, and interacting.


Compassionate service and positively inspiring others is guided by humility, kindness, and respect.


Growth-focused strategies that drive innovation, continuous learning, improvement, and personal and professional growth set the direction.


Inspiring others to unlock creativity, explore possibilities, and learn with open curiosity is a fundamental pillar of service delivery.


Confidentiality and ethics are highly regarded and expectations of the personal and professional growth experience are transparently communicated.

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